Optimized Marketing Solution

Funnel Marketing Process

ShowM designs and executes Full Funnel Marketing using data-based digital marketing technology

Funnel Digital Marketing: “See” Stage

At the top of the funnel are people in the “see” category—They are the largest equipped audience and they don't know if they need or need your product yet.

Advertising techniques that connect with buyers in the “see” stage of the funnel vary. ShowM can inform buyers of your service or product and the benefits it offers.

The ultimate goal at the top of funnel marketing is to get users down the funnel to the “thinking” stage where the first signs of purchase intent appear.

Two major digital marketing strategies work better than the other: social mediaand portal sites. Social media channels (especially Facebook, blog Instagram, and YouTube) are major platforms to build awareness, as this is where your audience goes to “see” and discover something. ShowM provides advertisementsfor unspecified people using various social media.
Funnel Digital Marketing: “Think” Stage

When a customer becomes aware of their needs and company, they move on to the “thinking” phase. At this stage, your skill in attracting your target audience to your website is very important.

ShowM designs efficient creatives that are trendy, easy and accurately recognized with the essence and value of products and services.

Online consumers these days are getting smarter than the consumers of the past. They enjoy learning about the brand's new products and services, but tend to be cautious about their purchases. Effective marketing strategies at this stage include SEO, video marketing,paid search ads and so on.
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Funnel Digital Marketing: “Do” Stage

The “Do” stage of the funnel is where buyers actually convert from prospects to customers. The biggest hurdle is creating content that drives user action.

ShowM can give potential customers the information they need most at the moment. This step optimizes your content and PPC ads for search terms, etc.
The Final Stage: “Care” Stage

Every business owner is investing in retaining current customers as they know it is easier to retain existing customers than it is to create new ones.

ShowM is approaching customers with a CRM management system that can retain existing customers through data analysis.
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